Wenatchee Homeschoolers (1)It was a typical busy afternoon in the Burnett household as we sat down to talk about life, homeschooling, and the co-op. Phones ringing, the dog running around, their oldest child (I should say more like young man) stopping in long enough to pick up some of the younger siblings to take them to the next event on the agenda.

I sit down in a big comfy couch with a huge chess board sitting in front of me- about 3’x3’ in size. The ornate wood pieces standing over 6 inches tall, a proud focal point of their living room. April had found amazing chess pieces at an antique shop, but couldn’t find a board to fit. Two of her sons spent 2 weeks making one to fit the unique chess pieces. I am not going lie- I might just be a little jealous of this thing; thinking about my own kids and the fun hours we have spent playing chess at Caffe Mela.

It’s hard to sum up their life, but one conclusion is clear: it’s been a full and blessed 20 years. April is married to Sheriff Burnett. Living the law enforcement life is not an easy calling. With the statics stating that half of all law enforcement marriages end in divorce for varying reasons- one major reason being alcohol abuse. Leaning on Biblical truths has been their source of encouragement through the years. Standing firm on the Bible has given them a source of guidance, comfort, and direction in difficult times.


They are also longtime members of CCHC. With this only being my second year at the co-op, I was very interested to learn what it was like at the beginning. She has seen the many faces of the co-op as it has fluctuated with changing times. At it’s inception, the co-op was filled with a good portion of teenagers. It also had twice as many families as it did now, making the dynamics of the co-op very different. Four of their six children have graduated from high school, so it’s easy to say that she is a veteran homeschooling mom!

Homeschooling has always been a passion of hers. Math has never been her strong suit, so she has focused her attention on ensuring their kids are proficient mathematicians. I find this encouraging. I’ve been guilty of making excuses for my own kids not being good at something due to me being unable. Hearing her talk about math and her kids made me see that homeschooling is an opportunity to spend time focusing on what we lack and changing the outcome from our past for our kids.

Wenatchee Homeschoolers (2)Outside of the normal busyness of running her household; she is a passionate advocate for natural wellness and essential oils. After a mysterious sickness that took hold of one of their kids and no help from doctors, they took to the natural path. This resulted in greatly reducing the symptoms of their son. From that moment on, they were sold on using natural remedies as a valid option for healing. I asked her what her favorites oils are. “Choosing my favorite oil would be impossible! I would have to say frankincense is the most versatile. Frankincense is everything internal, myrrh external”.

As I pull out of the driveway, all I can think is that I am so thankful for the seasoned homeschooling parents we have at the co-op. Being a young mom who was not homeschooled, having women like April here to help guide and encourage us newbies is a valuable asset to our community!

If you haven’t met April before, make sure to say hello the next time you see her!

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