Halloween Night 2015-16We’ve been introducing families over the past month and I thought it might be nice for you to know who the author of all these blog posts are!

Hello, my name is Molly Nickles and I became president of the co-op in September. My husband and I run a full time wedding and commercial photography business. This year will be our 8th wedding season. I started in photography in middle school. My first big purchase as a kid was an Olympus point and shoot camera. We have greatly enjoyed sharing this passion of photography. I didn’t expect for photography to take us to so many places! Inside planes, inside ORs, to Alaska, and so many more places. We love weddings, although my passion is commercial photography. I love learning about other businesses, how they function, and how they go to where they are now.

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Sometimes a model flakes. So Ben gets to fill in! We photographed the contents of a shipment which happened to be on the Antanov, the worlds largest plane, for a a major oil company.


On top of our photography business, Ben is a network systems engineer for the PUD- so 2 jobs keeps his schedule full! We are active members in our church, Grace City Church, serving on the design team. And somewhere in there we homeschool!  So needless to say, our schedule is full. We have 2 children Harrison, 8 and Adelaide 7.  I’ve been homeschooling Harrison since he was 4.

Ben and I met when my grandma called his mom to say I would be in town and that her son should ask me out. She told him, and he did and now here we are, married for 10 years! I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 2 years and was in Wenatchee, visiting my grandma when this happened. So after 2 dates, I went back to Geneva. Our entire relationship was long distance with a 9 hour time difference. I moved to Wenatchee just 2.5 months before we married! My husband was homeschooled k-12 and I went to private school. Ben was the first homeschooler I met. Like a lot of the uniformed world, I was unsure about the whole homeschooling thing. But logic won out when it occurred to me I wanted to marry a homeschooler! I figured if he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, then being homeschooled couldn’t be all that bad! Now years later, I can’t imagine doing anything but homeschool.

We lived in Ephrata for 7 years where he worked for the PUD. Yes… from Geneva, Switzerland to Ephrata. That was quite the move for me! 3 years ago we moved to Wenatchee so Ben could work at the Douglas Co. PUD

Last year was my first year at co-op. After the first week here, my children lived for Wednesdays. They learned so many fun things, enjoying the company of our cousins and new friends. I enjoyed watching the kids grow in this new environment and I appreciated learning new things too! This lead me to have a strong appreciation for this place and a desire to give of my talents. The more I thought about this Christian organization the more I realized that this is a place of ministry. More than just a club for Christian families, this is a community set with the intention of encouragement, helping others, growth, and fellowship.

I can be loud, passionate, tactless and opinionated. But I am also a sinner who is constantly striving to slowly chip away at my old self. I am passionate about creating a fun and encouraging environment for all of our students and am so thankful for the team of leaders who get to build this program right along side me!


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Trying to get a picture of this horse, but he just wanted to sniff me!

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