Wenatchee Homeschool families photo (1)Deanna Littrel is new to the Wenatchee Valley and even newer to homeschooling. The Winter session was her first time attending CCHC. Their eldest just started school this year, so she’s just begun delving into a life of home education, but thankfully, she has tons of support. Her cousin by marriage is April Burnett.

It’s been a big transition for her having grown up in the big city of Portland.  She enjoyed all that the city life offered and swore she’d never move to a small town.

Deanna and Brandon were married 6 years ago, originally settling in Oregon. After a six month stint in Sand Jose, they felt called to come back to the area where Brandon grew up. That was a year and a half ago. Going to school for construction management, Brandon wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps by working for the family business, One Way Construction. It is a lot of hard work, but now that he is part owner of the business, he’s enjoyed growing his dad’s legacy by creating a website and is building the company’s marketing.

Brandon’s mom is a teacher and is supportive of their decision to homeschool, even though Deanna wasn’t! At first she didn’t want to homeschool. But Brandon convinced her to do it. He just kept seeing what the public schools are like. Elementary is a time to build a foundation and they both agreed their foundation would best be built at home. They also spend a month each year with her parents (who live out of state) in the Springtime. Homeschooling gives the option to leave when they want.  She didn’t grow up with grandparents, so it’s important to her for her kids to have relationship with all of the grandparents.

“We are an outdoorsy family. We like to camp and hiking- especially on the Oregon coast! . Brandon’s life goal is the hike the pacific crest trail from Mexico to Canada. I have yet to go backpacking cause I have been pregnant or breastfeeding! I  can’t wait until kids are grown up.  I would love it to have a big adult family.” Now as they build their big family, they are building a house up in Badger mountain with the  goal to be off the grid.  Brandon really wants to garden except Deanna doesn’t know anything about gardening! But Deanna is super happy to start this new hobby.  She felt a little bit like she lost  herself when their oldest was born.  Liam wasn’t planned, getting pregnant just 4 months after getting married. Now that they’ve settled in a town, and has had time to figure out this being a mom thing, she’s ready for a hobby and finding out who she is as an adult.

Next time you Deanna, make sure to say hi! She is still getting connected in the valley and would love to make some more friends!

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