Kid Connect Family Expo 2016

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending the Kid Connect Family Expo!  This is an extension of the Kid Connect Magazine, for those who are familiar. We had an informational booth and a coffee stand (with coffee generously donated by Mela Roasting Company!) There was a great turnout of attendees, the fellow vendors

Family Fridays: Stanley Family

It’s something you can’t quite ignore when you walk up to the Stanley home. It’s big. It’s wood. And it’s meant to be lit up. It’s not a fireplace… it’s a menorah!  I love people like the Stanleys.  They are in love with God and in love with proclaiming it. Homeschooling brought them to laying claim

Family Fridays: The Glace Family

  Walking into their home, I was welcomed by the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  At my feet, a big black dog named Dutch wagged his tail, waiting to be petted. Their house boasts unique furniture pieces. I find out later they are both into antiques- Bill almost more than Breann! With squeals

Family Fridays: The Burnett Family

It was a typical busy afternoon in the Burnett household as we sat down to talk about life, homeschooling, and the co-op. Phones ringing, the dog running around, their oldest child (I should say more like young man) stopping in long enough to pick up some of the younger siblings to take them to the

Family Fridays: The Wilkinsons

As I settled into my seat at the bar of J5 Coffee, I heard the sounds of happy Leavenworth tourists sip on artisan coffee. “Oh this is just perfect. I can tell by the weight” a customer says, leaving with her cappuccino. The longer I sat there, it was obvious their customers are legit coffee