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What are the homeschool laws for Washington State?
HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense) is the go to resource for all things legal. Go to their website to see the laws for our state:

What is a homeschool Co-Op?
It is simply a group of homeschoolers who come together to provide educational and social activities for their children. A cooperative is run by its members and each member has a defined job. Our co-op meets once a week.

Do I have to stay at the co-op while my child attends class?
Yes. While your child is attending a class, you will be assigned to either a classroom (your prerogative to be/not be in the same classroom as your child) to help the teacher or to help with set up/tear down, or clean up.

Can I teach?
Yes! All of the classes taught at WCHC are by other parents who’s children attend WCHC or from qualified professionals. We are 100% reliant on parents stepping up to teach. One requirement to teach is that you must have attended 1 full 14-week session of WCHC before submitting a class proposal to teach. You may teach any subject you like! Whatever you feel comfortable teaching. Your class proposal will be submitted to the board and will have to be voted and approved on before your course is offered.

Do I have to teach a class?
No. Although we are 100% reliant on parents teaching, we understand not everyone wants to teach. There is plenty of need for helpers and you can fit right in doing that!

How are parents assigned jobs if they aren’t teaching?
You will only be assigned a job for the hours your student is attending co-op. You will be placed in a job. If there is something specific that you do not want to do (i.e. you have a bad back and are unable to move tables, etc.) then you can email a note to the registrar.

How long is co-op?
WCHC has 2 fourteen week sessions. Fall: September-December and Mid-Winter: February-May.

Are you affiliated with any churches or denominations?
No. But we do believe in the Bible and are Christians.

My oldest child is 3 years old, can I still join?
No, currently we are requesting that the oldest child of a family be 5 by September 1st in order to attend. 

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?
No, you do not have to be a Christian to attend. We welcome anyone who would like to join us. We do have a Doctrinal Statement that serves as authority over the co-op. If you are not a Christian, but would like to attend, please know that all decisions and actions taken by the co-op will be from a Biblical Worldview. Those attending must adhere to those guidelines.

Where can I go to get more information?
If you would like to learn even more about our Co-Op, please feel free to contact us. 

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