Beginners Formal Ballet |5-8|


Teacher: Sarah-Jane Heist

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An introduction to foundational Ballet. This class will encourage the joy of movement, creativity and self-expression. Students will develop body and spatial awareness, musicality, and the dynamics of moving together as a group. We will focus on Ballet terminology and an appreciation of French as the language of dance is developed. Introducing techniques through the execution of Barre work, Center and across the floor exercises. Students will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body and flexibility.

Ballet is difficult and requires time, energy and commitment to the art form. Building a foundation makes all other dance forms in the future more achievable.

As this is a formal Ballet class, ballet entire will be required and must be worn at every class. Hair- Slick back bun Leotard- Navy blue, black, pink or white Tights- Nude or pink Ballet Shoes- Pink, beige, black

Full water bottles

Good Attitude

End of session Performance with tutu and prop