A is for Adam Bible Study [Grades K-2|


Teacher: Andrea Mattix

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An alphabetical approach to the foundational truths in the book of Genesis and the Gospel.

We will be reading through the book “A is for Adam” by Ken and Mally Ham.

Each Child will receive their own coordinating coloring book, participate in engaging conversations, fun rhymes, memorization aids of core truths, and additional activities.

Based on the Beautiful Feet Curriculum (https://www.bfbooks.com/U.S-Geography-Through-Literature-Pack-4-6): This U.S. geography curriculum connects the stories of Native American tribes, intrepid explorers, hopeful pioneers, and determined individuals with the lands they built their lives upon. These stories introduce homeschoolers to the vast variety of landforms, biomes, and ecosystems that can be found in the United States. We will be studying the Western United States over 13 weeks