Church History | 12+


Teacher: Micah Heist

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We will be exploring the church history and the context of the cultures through the different ages. More importantly, we will be looking at the history through the eyes of scripture. 

The purpose of this class is not to challenge any person’s or family’s theology, but to shore up the students’ foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ and be able to better defend what they believe and why. 

Each student will need to bring their own Bible. It is strongly recommended that each student buys “Church History in Plain Language” by Bruce Shelley, 4th edition or later (5th edition should be available by July 2021 for ~$35). This book is not required, but will be extremely beneficial for the class and future studies of church history. Each student can expect to have Biblical reading assignments every week and reports on what they read. Other homework may be assigned depending on the lesson of that week.