Earth Science Explored |Grades 6th-10th|


Teacher: Angela Matson


Earth science is more than just rocks! In Earth Science Explored Level B (for 11-14 year olds) your student will learn about geology, weather, natural disasters, oceans, resources, seasons, and fossils!

We’ll start the year exploring how different types of rock are formed. Your student will discover the power behind volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Students will also be exposed to the majesty of auroras and meteors. They’ll examine why we have seasons, how we can predict the weather, and where fossils came from. Earth Science is about learning how we can worship God by harnessing the raw materials of this planet in a responsible way.

We will be doing a weekly lab in class with a lab partner to help keep costs down. Most all supplies for labs will be provided with the exception of a few small things your kids might be asked to bring from home.

At home each week, students will watch the lecture, fill in the notes, and read the text so to be ready for quizzes each week in class.

Please purchase Bob Jones Earth Science, 4th or 5th edition is fine. (I bought used off EBay.) A PDF of the Student Guidebook and Lab Guide will be provided, please have them printed for class. A physical copy of both are available for purchase through

**This class is a year long commitment.