Family Study | Geography, Travel, Challenging Topics


Teacher: Rachel Whitson


In this workshop we, together as families, will use picture books and other age-appropriate media to explore the world! The objectives of the class are as follows:
• “Travel” to other countries and regions and learn about their geography, people, and culture
• Help build and develop a character vocabulary and explore how we as Christians can
respond to and effect positive change in our world
• Explore and discuss, in an age-sensitive way, such (possibly challenging) social topics as the
following: Families, aging, and death; ability and disability; poverty and wealth; conflict resolution, war, and refugees; slavery (historical and modern); urban and rural life; orphans, foster care and adoption; race and ethnicity; child labor; migrancy; world religions; ethics and the “Christian worldview.”
Although some topics may appear weighty, don’t be scared off! The workshop is based on a curriculum I began developing several years ago, when my oldest kids were just beginning school, and they have begged to repeat it every year. Travel with us – it will be fun!
* Because of the format and mixed audience of this workshop, we will not be covering such sensitive and/or controversial topics as sexuality and population control, gender identity, expression or “roles,” or American politics. We recognize and appreciate that our community is made up of families with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, and we want to respect and support each of our members’ privilege and responsibility to raise and educate their children accordingly.


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