Intro to Logic |Grades: 8th-12th|


Teacher: Micah Heist


Intro to Logic is a curriculum put together by Jason Lisle, a Christian Astrophysicist who heads up the Biblical Science Institute. Logic by definition is the study of the principles of correct reasoning. This class will teach you “how” to think logically and help equip you with the tools needed to defend your faith. The goal of this class will be to both have fun and be challenged in a way that strengthens our faith in Jesus.

This class will be for more mature students ranging from 13 years old on up. Students need to be prepared to complete weekly readings accompanied with worksheets, quizzes, and essays; will need to be involved with class discussions and be able to memorize key terms.

To help keep cost down, I am planning on having the homework and quizzes completed through Google Classroom, so you will need internet access and the ability to sign in to a google account.

Also, each student will need to purchase their own book, “Introduction to Logic” by Jason Lisle. You can find this book on Amazon or on The price will range from $18-$30. (Depending on where you buy and if on sale). Make sure each student comes prepared with writing utensils and a notebook to write in.

**This class is a year long commitment.