Intro to Rocketry | 8+


Teachers: Merrick Whitson and Rachel Whitson

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Hi parents, I am excited to offer this model rocketry class again (take 2)! My main goal for this class is to teach students basic physics, aerodynamics, how rockets work, the importance or rocketry, and how rockets have made our world the place it is today. Plus, I will teach my students how to safely launch flaming objects into the air without causing too much damage to the world! Because this class was cut short last year due to covid I am offering this class to new students for full price and to students who were in “Intro to Rocketry (take 1) for a heavily discounted price.” All new students will be given an Estes launch set, binder, 2 engines for the 2 launch days, and (you guessed it) homework. If you are retaking this class at the discounted price you are expected to bring last years binder with the homework in it and you will receive the rockets we built last year with 2 motors. Excited to see you in class!!!