Money Savvy Kids |Grades: 1st-3rd|


Teacher: Amber Zacher

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Money Savvy Kids

Using the Money Savvy Kids Curriculum workbook to learn about the differences between US coins and cash.

    • Role-playing, real life, financial transactions
    • Money and coin handling (break out those piggy banks)
    • Every day, product evaluation and financial goals about budgeting and trade-offs.
    • Outlines of chore, charts and values.  This is a spinoff class about day-to-day finances
    • Hopefully one day of play store, or each child will bring an item from home they will value and trade with another class member.
    •  Children should be willing to read, write and have the willingness to participate in class through comprehensive study.

A fun twist. Each child will have a chance to describe and teach their favorite board or card game. (Bonus if it correlates with money or moving space).

Each child will bring home a Money Savvy Pig Bank