Music & Art | Ages 8+


Teacher: Amy Albright

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Children will build upon what they have learned in previous class  Newcomers will have homework to catch up and need to have access to art supplies at home in order to do projects  at home.

We will continue to learn multi media to produce what we are hearing from the Holy Spirit.  Time will be spent listening  quietly and to quiet music, sitting out doors and praying.  Using the Bible and listening to Holy Spirit we will produce what we hear and begin to listen for other to encourage them by giving them art pieces.

We will also be using fabrics  yarns nature item and other materials to produce art work to give away and keep.

There are times there will be homework  times given to children to spend time drawing and gathering from God.

Class Cost:

$35  plus cost of an art kit which will include supplies needed at every class

$30  Kit includes  soft pastels, oil pastels, water colors, 6 paint brushes  all new, all quality grade materials that will last.

Students have their own kit to take home end of class to continue with what they have learned

If child cannot afford art kit  class is $50


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