PreK Spanish |3-5|


Teacher: Kyli Erickson

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We will be starting off each class with a circle time. During circle time we will learn catchy songs that will help the children to remember easy concepts like greetings, colors, numbers, and days of the week. Each week we will have a short review of what we learned the previous weeks. Most reviews will be done in song format during circle time. We will then go over the basic concept and words they will be learning that day. The words they learn will relate to the story they will be read after circle time (we will be providing a snack during story time so if there are any allergies/foods to avoid please let us know ASAP).When circle time is over, we will do a brief activity or craft that corresponds to the concept we learned that day. The class will end with free play time. The first 7 weeks will cover all things “All About Me”. The next 7 weeks will be a variety of easy and fun things that cover ideas this age is already learning in English. In the Spring we will do a couple of weeks review of the basics and then jump into fun and new ideas building on things they have already learned!

Concepts we will be covering this Fall:

WK1: Greetings – My Daily Greetings
WK2: Feelings – The Feelings Book, When I…
WK3: Time – Bear Takes a Trip
WK4: Family – My Family and I
WK5: Home – Bear at Home, My Home
WK6: Body Parts – From Head To Toe
WK 7: Colors – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Blue Horse
WK8: Food – The Hungry Caterpillar
WK9: Numbers – Juanito Counts to Ten
WK10: Weather/ Seasons – Bear in the Sun, The Weather
WK11: Animals – Who Lives on the Farm
WK12: Senses – Bear’s Busy Family
WK13: Birthdays – Bear’s Birthday
WK14: Jobs – Bear at Work