Sewing and Beginning Quilting |10+|


Teacher: Danielle Fox and Sarah Lyons

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Have you ever wanted to make a quilt or to sew a new project? Here is your chance! Our first project will be a nice full-size pillowcase for your very own bed! The next several weeks we will learn how to make 3 different quilts. It’s easier than it may “seam”. We will break down the process into easy-to-follow steps and show you some cool sewing tricks and hacks. Quilts will be the perfect doll size or make a great placemat for the dinner table. Hoping the last few weeks of class can be reserved for more quilts or student picked projects, but that will be determined by how quickly we can accomplish our 3 simple quilts.

***Student and parents are responsible for as followed:***
1-Providing a working sewing machine to use in class. (We have storage space for them if not wanting to haul them back and forth each week)
2- Will need to purchase fabrics & thread for most projects.
3- Help setting up sewing machines at the end of lunch (last 10 minutes) so we can start sewing on time.