US Constitution and Government | 9-14


TeacherMelanie Cohen

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*Parents will need to purchase a copy of the Student journal and Mystery on Constitution Island available at 

*Also encouraged to get a set of erasable gel pens

The Good and the Beautiful US Constitution and Government course focuses on the establishment and development of the United States Government through the study of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and all 27 Amendments. The course also covers the lives of the Founding Fathers and Mothers and other key people that influenced the documents and bravely fought for equal rights. This course includes inspirational biographies, an exciting adventure story, informative lessons, fun and instructive hands-on activities, teacher-led discussions, beautiful mini books, and a complete reading of the founding documents, all in an easy-to-teach format. Students in Grades 4–8 will gain a deep understanding of the principles found in the US Constitution, including limited government, checks and balances, justice, liberty, equality, and the duty of every American to uphold the freedoms found within the Constitution. *This class is for mature learners and strong readers. There will be some homework required.