Writing and Rhetoric: Book 7 |7th – 9th|


Teacher: Kimberly Beason


Using a Classical approach, this class will study Writing and Rhetoric: Book 7 Encomium and Vitupulation- Student Edition, By Classical Academic Press. This model of writing focuses on reading, analyzing and practice of writing through the study of classic literature.

Each week, as a class we will begin the chapter with a classic story or History. Class will retell, use reader’s theater, engage in discussion groups and share thier own writing in a fun and supportive enviornent. Weekly grammar and vocabury building excersises may be included.

Book 7 Learning Targets:
Discern Main Idea
Form Thesis
Undertanding different Genres
Research papers
Citing Sources
Biography Essays

Homework: Students will be required to complete homework at home each week. (estimated 1.5-2 hrs per week)

*Please purchase and bring to class for week 1:
Writing and Rhetoric Book 7: Encomium and Vituperation- Student Edition, by Paul Kortepeter
Writing & Rhetoric Book 7: Encomium & Vituperation (Student Edition)

** Prerequisites:
Students should be able to read and write at at middle school level- multiple paragraphs with conventions -on a weekly basis. Students can type up essays if they choose. Typing not required. Students should be able to manage homework responsibility each week ,which includes; reading, workbook work and writing essays.

***This is a coopertive design class: Teacher and Parent collaberation to create a complete Writing Program. Homework is required. Please do not sign up your student for this class if homework is not feasible for your homeschool.