Writing & Rhetoric 2 |Grades: 3rd-5th|


Teacher: Sarah Lyons/Lana Hurd

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We will be working through the Writing and Rhetoric book 2. Parents must buy the book prior to class.

This class is a teacher/ parent partnership. We will work through the 1st part of the chapter in class, and students will be required to complete the rest of the chapter at home, and have the parent grade it. Students must know how to write full sentences before taking this class. Students will be writing full sentences and short stories during this course in class and at home. Students will be reading their short stories to the class to share their work.

We will also be working through Fit It! Grammar Nose Tree. Parents must purchase the book. This is a continuing yearlong class so any students who did NOT take Part 1, must complete Week 1-Week 15 prior to starting the Spring Session. We will Start in Week 16 on 1st day of Spring Session.

**Parents will need to purchase Writing and Rhetoric Book 2: Narrative I by Paul Kortepeter (approx $24.00 on Amazon). All students should have Fix It! Grammar The Nose Tree Student Book 1 by Pamela White from Fall Session.