Writing & Rhetoric: Book 4 Chreia and Proverb | 4th – 6th


Teacher: Kim Beason

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Our lovely young writers will continue on in their journey through Writing and Rhetoric, Book 4: Chreia and Proverb. Using classic literature as our model, we will continue to learn the practice of writing through studying good literature and applying principles in our own writing. Students will go through book 4 of Writing and Rhetoric, as well as continue on in Fix it Grammar, and experience writing Workshop techniques in the classroom. Students will have weekly homework of up to 1 hour each week. Homework will be assigned each week and posted on Band. This is a collaborative class where parent and teacher work together to produce a productive and fruitful writing program. Please purchase Writing and Rhetoric Book 4 (Student Book) before class begins. All other materials will be provided in class. *Suggested grade level 4-6

*Open to both continuing and non-continuing students