Writing Rhetoric | 8+


Teacher: Kim Beason

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Using a classical approach, this class will use Writing and Rhetoric, Book 2: Narrative 1 – Student Addition, by Classical Academic Press. This model of writing focuses on reading, analyzing, and practicing writing through the study of classic literature.

*Please purchase: Writing & Rhetoric Book 2 : Narrative 1, Student Edition and bring to class the first week. https://www.christianbook.com/writing-rhetoric-book-2-student-edition/9781600512186/pd/512181?utm_source=google&kw=21440761692&mt=&dv=m&event=PPCSRC&p=1186432&gclid=CjwKCAiAs92MBhAXEiwAXTi256ds45z2NtRrk2ju0QBh0LCgW2szY1xKWKXpdWpVJo-MryFub-6E_xoCARAQAvD_BwE

Each week, as a class we begin the chapter with a classic story, lesson highlights and discussion groups. Students will have opportunity to share their own personal writing in a fun and supportive environment. We will also have a short grammar lesson where students find and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Students will be required to complete homework at home each week. (Estimated 1hr per week) Students will be working through their student workbooks, which includes: reading stories, completing comprehension questions, vocabulary fill in the blanks, long paragraph writing and more.

We will be supplementing this class with Fix It Grammar. Fix It Grammar Materials are provided in class and do not have homework. Prerequisites: Students should be able to read and write paragraphs with basic conventions (capitalization, punctuation, space between words). Students (and parents) also must be willing to put in homework time at home on a weekly basis.