Writing Rhetoric | 8+


Teacher: Kyli Erickson & Kim Beason

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Using a classical approach we will be teaching students from the series, Writing and Rhetoric, Book 1: Fable, by Classical Academic Press. This model of writing focuses on reading, analyzing, distinguishing and practicing aspects of writing through the study and model of classic literature.

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We will be supplementing this class with Fix It Grammar. 

Students will need to purchase and bring to class, Writing and Rhetoric Book 1:Fable.

 Please purchase: https://www.christianbook.com/writing-rhetoric-book-fable-student-edition/9781600512162/pd/512160?kw=21439910172&mt=b&dv=m&event=PPCSRC&p=1186432&gclid=CjwKCAjw7J6EBhBDEiwA5UUM2oSuQDe7D-iopcCA5PQPx3ceXbV-a-elyEPJ2w17TaGtX-Lbv8O_2RoCWnsQAvD_BwE


Students should be able to read and write a small paragraph with basic conventions (capitilization, punctuation, space between words).

Students will be required to complete  homework at home each week. (Estimated 1hr per week) Students will be working through the workbook which requires reading, fill in the blanks, short answers and some paragraph writing.

**If you are interested in a higher level book (possibly Book 4, 5-7th grade) please let Kimberly Beason know and we will have 2 levels in the class.